I help artists turn song ideas into Epic, 3D

soundscapes PACKED with Emotion.


Who do I work with?

Artists around the world - Pop, Rock, Electronic, whatever!

Why me?
I'm a multi-instrumentalist/singer and have been producing music for 15 years.
That unique thing that makes YOU a great artist is obvious to me and I have the skills to amplify it.

Listen to songs I've worked on below.

After years of working with various artists in different genres, I've found that sticking to what I'm good at is vital (For ALL of us!) I don't take on projects unless I can truly help you achieve great sound. This means: 


Your music sounds awesome.

I look like a boss.

We both succeed in our careers as artist/producer!

#1 POPComposed, Produced, Mixed
#3 POPComposed, Produced, Mixed
#5 ROCKProduced, Mixed
#2 2000's POP-ROCKComposed, Produced, Mixed
#4 ROCKComposed, Produced, Mixed
#6 EXPERIMENTALComposed, Produced, Mixed

"Working with Aaron was a dream. He works extremely hard, and always worked with my requests and references - as if he can read my mind! He made everything so easy for me, kept up constant communication, and taught me so much along the way. I felt completely at ease while working with him, and was over the moon with the end result. I cannot recommend anyone more."

- Dansy (Melbourne, Australia)

IG: @_Dansy_