Songwriters Next Steps: Bring Your Music To Life!

A behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating a finished song. In this 4 part video series, I show you the steps involved in building a song from the ground up - Laying down scratch tracks, arranging the instrumental, vocal recording, editing, mixing and mastering. 

Songwriters/producers - I want you to succeed! Questions about any part of this process? Hit me up, I'm happy to help!


Grab your front row seat to watch as I guide pop-artist Dansy through every step, as we record and release her original song, ‘Letting You Go’.

"Scratch Tracks & Copyright"

We meet up at Dansy’s studio to start our project. We discuss her latest song, ‘Letting You Go’, then record a scratch track to get the ‘bones’ of the song in place. I elaborate on this important first step of the production process.


Anytime musical collaboration happens, we must communicate and agree on copyright/royalties. This can be a very simple, yet very important conversation. I explain more in the video.

"Arrangement & Production"

I use the scratch tracks from our first session to build an arrangement. I rely on the reference tracks Dan has provided to ensure I'm on the right track.


Every song/project/artist is different. We learn something new EVERY TIME we produce a song :)

"The Vocal Session"

We meet back at Dansy’s studio to record the vocals. We add harmony and adlibs to enhance the main vocal. I explain our simple session setup and why it works. 

"Vocal Editing/Mastering"

I share my approach to editing and mixing pop vocals and explain why the arrangement was a success. Dansy hears the final mix of the song before it’s mastered. I explain mastering and the different options we have. The song is submitted for release!

Stream 'Letting You Go' now!

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