Whatsup Music Makers?

I'm Aaron Hubley - A multi-instrumentalist/singer that's been producing music for 17 years.

I started helping musicians release music professionally around 2015.


I use to work solely with bands & artists around town, but have since developed a system to work with people all over the world, online - achieving GREAT results!

I'm currently working as a Music Producer / Mixer / Composer in Victoria, BC, Canada. I like to always be working within my local community, helping others around me grow, learn and thrive as musicians.


I also extend my reach to musicians all over the world - Working remotely follows the same step-by-step process I use when working with local clients. It gets the artists more involved in the engineering side of capturing audio. This is something I love to teach & everyone I've worked with so far has loved to learn, so win/win!