• Aaron Hubley

FREE SAMPLES: Acoustique Guitars

Acoustique Guitars is based on the chord progression:

A Bm F#m D

The progression is played in various styles @ 110BPM, as well as chord for chord. On top of the guitar samples, a choir of 'aah's has been included. These heavenly vocals span across the stereo field, creating width and depth that sing well with the guitars. The vocal samples have also been split into individual notes with long reverb tails for smooth transitions.

This pack includes:

- 15 acoustic guitar samples

- 5 REAL heavenly choir 'aah's

Samples were recorded at 48kHz @ 24-bit using:

* Taylor 114CE

* Matched pair of Rode NT5 mics

* Focusrite Liquid Saffire Pro 56 (DEUTSCH 72)

* Shure SM7B

To get your hands on these samples, future audio goodies and FREE music-making-tools, throw down your e-mail address below.

I'll notify you of future releases. I don't sell anything ;)

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