What's it like to work with me?

Every project is different. Every artist is unique. Every song tells a different story. 


Despite all these variables, I use the exact same step-by-step process for every project. 

Sometimes this happens in person, other times we connect online. With the incredible power of the internet, I'm able to help artists reach their goals from the comfort of their own home!

When meeting new artists, the first thing I do is determine which part of the process you're at & establish your ideal sound. From there, it's simple. I teach you my process, we get on the same page and I come up with a game plan! 

Some may find I over-share details when starting a project, however I believe it's vital to our success that you completely understand how I work. 

"From voice note to Radio-Ready song" 

The majority of work I do starts with me listening to a rough idea you've recorded. We then discuss influences, listen to reference tracks and communicate until I completely understand your vision. 

Then, I start producing! 

There's quite a bit of back and forth communication. You listen as the song comes to life, giving any necessary direction. 

Solid communication helps me ensure 100% artist satisfaction. 

What step are you at? Get in touch and I'll explain how we can finish & release your song!


I take a demo of your song and create a product that embodies you as an artist.

Your vision is my first priority. A great producer presents your vision in a way that is most marketable and is capable of taking you where you want to go in your career.


I craft 3D mixes that catch people's attention and deliver your message with power and clarity.

You've recorded your song to the best of your ability. I'll add more depth and excitement, capitalizing on the emotion you've captured in the recording phase.


I guide you through a recording session online OR in a professional studio. We enter a creative atmosphere together and capture your very best performances.

You prioritize performance while I keep the session running smoothly.

Get in touch - let's discuss your project.